(1 of the 10 selected projects for Mobile World Congress 2019)


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WORLD PREMIÈRE Performance – 14th February 2019 – Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain)
Museu Disseny Hub Barcelona

+ Dates Coming Soon

Each performance is unique

A new ULTIMATE EMOJI artificially-generated for a specific city-location.
A new ULTIMATE EMOJI live-painted.
A new generative music set live-ensembled.

What can contemporary scientific research, technology and art tell us about our own cultural preoccupations in the twenty-first century (i.e. digital culture)?


ULTIMATE EMOJI is a performance and an installation that uses an artificially-generated Emoji sculpture to reflect on how digital “memes” shape our present cultural values and understandings of our emotions. The sculpture exhibited is first generated by an Artificial Intelligence (A.I. – Machine Learning), then 3D-printed in a large-scale format, and finally painted classically during a live-show by the artist. The design and features of the ULTIMATE EMOJI are controlled by the data and metrics of people’s perceptions and emotions evoked by the specific urban space and location where the performance is currently taking place – Disseny Hub Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2019. In collaboration with The Social Dynamics team at Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge – UK (Aiello et al., 2016), this experimental aesthetics project uses innovative technology and recent scientific research on Computational Social Sciences to reflect on the impact of digital transformation in our society. ULTIMATE EMOJI is a cultural and artistic experience where the digital relationship and interactions between a human community and its environment is adaptive, coherent and in harmony.



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