CRYPTO ROOTS, Premièred at Sónar+D 2021 (Barcelona, ES) is a contemplative metaverse, inspired by the iconic aesthetics of Sónar+D. This virtual exhibition on Crypto Art explores core values lying at the very roots of New Media Art: environmental impact and experimental formats.


Artist Lineup:

  • Memo Akten
  • Anna Carreras
  • Sougwen Chung
  • Sofia Crespo
  • Diane Drubay
  • Varvara & Mar
  • Holly Herndon
  • Mario Klingemann
  • Joanie Lemercier
  • Solimán Lopez
  • Daito Manabe

Music by: Ana Quiroga

CRYPTOROOTS Sóanr+D - Front PosterCRYPTOROOTS Sóanr+D - Back Poster

Designed and curated by:
Albert Barqué-Duran
Produced by:
Tech Partner:
Antònia Folguera

© Albert Barqué-Duran. 2021. All rights reserved.

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