Basket of CPUs (2016)

Basket of CPUs - Albert Barque-Duran

Basket of CPUs, 2016, Oil on canvas (60  x 49.5cm),
Private Collection

Salvador Dalí painted ‘Basket of Bread’ in 1945. The painting depicted a heel of a loaf bread in a basket, precariously situated on the edge of an uncovered table, against a starkly black backdrop, an omen to its own sacrificial destruction. This environment created the mystical, paroxysmic feeling of a situation beyond our ordinary notion of the real.

Basket of CPUs’ is a reinterpretation of Dalí’s painting in our Digital Age. Here, CPUs are depicted as “The New Bread”. A Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output operations specified by the instructions.

Will an Artificial Intelligent agent (with computational creativity abilities) ever be considered as creative as a human being? Using the words of the same Dalí: “This typically realist work is the one that has most satisfied my imagination. Here we have a painting about which nothing can be said: the total enigma!”


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